Millions of us are paying more in interest and are in debt for longer than is necessary.

We think it's time that changed.

ilumoni is a free financial wellbeing app that helps you understand and manage your borrowing better.

ilumoni shows you ways to:

  • Pay less interest and clear balances faster
  • Reduce payments and free up cash
  • Reduce the time spent managing your borrowing

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Borrow Well with ilumoni

Whether you want to clear balances faster, reduce your payments, simplify your borrowing, or even live debt free, we'll help you to take control of your borrowing.

ilumoni looks at your spending, costs of borrowing and credit report to find smart ways to repay and highlight better deals for you, so that you pay less in interest and fees.

And because ilumoni is not a lender, we'll only ever highlight what's best for you.

How does it work?

Ilumoni asks you about your borrowing goals and how you feel about your borrowing to understand what you want to achieve, such as paying off more debt or freeing up cash.

ilumoni analyses your spending and borrowing to find the best way to manage your borrowing, including smart ways to repay what you can afford, so you pay less interest and clear balances faster.

ilumoni puts you in control, securely connecting your credit report and bank accounts together, so you can see how much your borrowing adds up to and what interest you will pay over time.

ilumoni is always looking for the best deals for you. ilumoni will highlight better deals on credit cards and loans that you're eligible for to help you pay less interest and less in fees. (coming soon)

Even small changes can make a big difference.